Experience gaming with Supastar HD+
Free for a limited time!

Supastar is a collection of 36 games and challenges. With highly addictive endless games, uniquely engaging levels, and captivating boss battles, Supastar offers a one of a kind experience for all types of players.
Indulge with Feed Tubby+
Free for a limited time!

Ever wonder just how fat a little monster can get? Meet Tubby, he can get really really fat... and all you need to do is throw food at him! Can you feed Tubby more than the next guy? Compare fatness on the leaderboards!
Strap into Buggy Dash HD+
Free for a limited time!

The goal in Buggy Dash is to drive, leap, and dash on mountain tops at a high rate of speed! Dashing through dangerous obstacles and crash avoidance is the name of this game, and it will make your dreams come true!
Shoot your way into Barrel Blast HD+
Free for a limited time!

Forget jumping, blasting from barrel to barrel is where the excitements at! Blast your way skywards in a dusty desert full of crazy barrels, baddies, and more.
Get crushed by Toy Trap HD+
Free for a limited time!

Stuck in a strange endless toy box, Supastar must avoid being crushed by falling blocks, grab Magic Ducks, and defeat the wacky Toy Launcher. How long can you survive the toy avalanche? Put your skills to the ultimate test!
Soar high with Cloud Flyer HD+
Free for a limited time!

Fly through a breathtakingly beautiful sky world. Collect coins to keep on flying, avoid baddies to stay airborne, and grab some wings and other power-ups to propel Supastar to new heights!
Escape into Action Robot HD+
Free for a limited time!

Instantly playable and simple to control. Run, roll, and shoot your way through a robot infested city in your very own robot suit! Grab a jetpack and destroy your enemies from up high using your termination missiles!
Crack into Crazy Rhino HD+
Free for a limited time!

Starring an extraordinary rhino that is set on destroying everything in its path! Crazy Rhino is a distance game with a twist. Bounce coconuts off your head and back at enemies, crush rock with ease, grab a power helmet and even metal won't be able to stop you. Be warned, Nutty Monkey awaits you!
Get dazzled with Robot FIGHT Ninjas+
Free for a limited time!

Ninjas have invaded your kingdom of bits. Slide across wires and fight them off with robotic super skills. Robot FIGHT Ninjas is an entirely new concept in gameplay that will test your reflexes and fighting skills, while dazzling you with a unique audiovisual presentation.
Destroy and defend in BigRedSquare+
Free for a limited time!

A simple unassuming arcade action game helping players get into the fast paced zone, psychedelic music and sound effects add to the high. The objective is to protect a red square from an onslaught of blue squares.
Relive true platforming with Big Head Gunner+
Free for a limited time!

Big Head Gunner, the first game to utilize Precision Touch technology, is a retro-styled platformer with a simple premise. A hero named Gunner, from an unknown world, finds himself in the Acorn Kingdom on a mission to rescue Prince Akoki. To complete his adventure Gunner must travel through 36 levels and overcome many challenges, including King Chameleon and his nine evil disguises.
Sink your fingers into Danger Dive HD+
Free for a limited time!

Contained in a fragile bubble, Supastar must sink deep into a scenic ocean. Dangerous sea creatures, pushy water pipes, and bouncy surfaces await you! How long can you stay bubbled up?
Revisit fun in Arcade Addict HD+
Free for a limited time!

While playing Arcade Addict use extreme caution, irreversible addiction may occur! Arcade Addict contains all the Supastar arcade games in a single App, with a new streamlined interface. If you love the Supastar games, or have yet to play them, this is the App to get.
Danger awaits in Elevator Drop HD+
Free for a limited time!

Experience tilt control like never before in this fast paced survival game. Drop down onto elevating platforms while avoiding the bubbling lava at ground level. Careful where you tread, some elevators are not so friendly!